Lodge Scotia -           FC Degree on Tues 11th Jan.

Lodge Ballater -         FC Degree on Tues 18th Jan.

Lodge St George -     FC Degree on Wed 9th Feb.

Lodge Easterhouse - FC Degree on Mon 14th March

Lodge Possilpark -     FC Degree on Thu  14th April

Lodge Robert Burns - FC Degree on Thu 8th Sep.                           (Cancelled on death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth)


​Lodge Scotia -           EA Degree on Tuesday 10th Jan

​Lodge Ballater -         FC Degree on Tuesday 17th Jan

Cale Railway Lodge - EA Degree on Friday 5th May

Lodge St Andrew -     MM Degree on Tuesday 9th May

Lodge Robert Burns - FC Degree on Thursday 8th June

Lodge Broomhill -       Degree of our choice on Wed 11th October

​Lodge St Bryde -        EA Degree on Wednesday 25th October

Deputations to Other Lodges    


On the roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland