Jan 6th               1st Degree      Eastmuir                                

Jan 13th              Inst  Class & GCM                                      

Jan 20th              2nd Degree     Eastmuir                            

 Feb 3rd              3rd  Degree      Eastmuir                               

Feb 10th              Inst  Class                                      

Feb 17th             1st Degree       Possilpark                              

Mar 3rd                Provincial Visit                                            

Mar 10th              Inst  Class                                        

Mar 17th              2nd Degree      Blantyre Kilwinning                                                         
Apr 7th                1st  Degree      Robert Burns                                  

Apr 14th               Inst  Class                                        

Apr 21st               2nd Degree     Eastmuir                             

May 5th                No Degree  -   Business Only                      

May 12th              Inst  Class

May 19th              1st Degree      Caledonian Railway

             LODGE RECESS   

Sep 1st                  2nd Degree    Ballater

Sep 8th                  Inst  Class

Sep 15th                3rd  Degree    Eastmuir

Sep 29th                1st  Degree     St George

Oct 6th                   2nd Degree     St Andrew Glw

Oct 13th                 Inst  Class & GCM

Oct 20th                 3rd Degree     Easterhouse

Nov 3rd                  Elections

Nov 10th                 Inst  Class

Nov 17th                 Mark Cerm.     Scotia

Dec 1st                    AGM

Dec 8th                    Inst  Class

Dec 16th                  Installation​



Oct 7th               3rd Degree by the Inst. Class 

Oct 14th             Gen Comm Meeting

Oct 21st             3rd Degree by the Inst. Class

Nov 4th              Elections

Nov 11th            Inst. Class                                 

Nov 18th            Mark Ceremonial - Cancelled

Dec 2nd             AGM

Dec 9th              Inst Class         
Dec 18th            Party Night

There will be no Installation Meeting this year. The RWM and most of the other Office Bearers will spend another year in their current office.

             MEETINGS 2023

Jan 5th     2nd Degree      Eastmuir

Jan 19th    2nd Degree      Eastmuir

Feb 2nd    2nd Degree      Eastmuir

Feb 16th    3rd Degree      Eastmuir

Mar 2nd     Provincial Visit

Mar 16th   3rd Degree       Possilpark

Mar 30th    3rd Degree      Langside

Apr 6th     1st Degree       Robert Burns

Apr 20th     2nd Degree     Eastmuir

May 4th    3rd  Degree     St Bryde                        

May 18th  1st  Degree      Cale Railway

Sep 7th     1st  Degree      Ballater

Sep 21st    1st Degree      Eastmuir

Oct 5th       2nd  Degree     Eastmuir                    

Oct 19th     2nd Degree     St Andrew Glw

Nov 2nd     Elections & 3rd Degree Eastmuir

Nov 16th    3rd Degree       Easterhouse

Nov 30th    Mark                 Scotia

Dec 7th     AGM

Dec 15th   Installation.


On the roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland